Friday, December 2, 2011

Alphabet Soup - A - G

I've decided to issue a personal challenge. It may only be me that completes it but I think it will be fun. I'm calling it Alphabet Soup because I want to try to use tangles starting with every letter in the alphabet.

In this tile I've used; Amaze (official zentangle), Boucle (Molossus), Coil (Sue Jacobs), Dervish (Elaine Benfetto), Emilie (Sandra Bartholmew), Fleuve (Jay Cadian), and Greating (Molossus).

If you want to join me, here's the challenge. Start with a string of your choice. Pick tangle patterns in alphabetical order. Only use an 'A' tangle once and then move on 'B', 'C', etc. Fill and shade as usual. Extra points for using tangle patterns that are less used. When you finish one tile start the new tile at the letter of the alphabet that you left off at.   ---if you only want to do one tile; pick a random letter of the alphabet and use that as your starting point to begin your alphabet soup.

If you do this challenge please post a picture and send me a link in the comments.


  1. What a great way to use the tangles!!! Must give it a try. Love the alphabet thingy!!!

  2. Love all the curvy tangles in this one and there are several there I've not seen before. I'll take you up on your challenge - though I just found it via Enthusiastic Artist...
    Happy Holidays.

  3. Great way to learn new tangles and be reminded of old ones. I'm in!

  4. Ditto Terrie...found the challenge via the Enthusiastic the idea of using lesser used tangles! Me thinks these will become Christmas cards!


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