Thursday, February 4, 2016


Molygon is the newest tangle pattern from Zentangle headquarters. It was published in the last newsletter and the stepouts can be found there.

I've had fun playing with this tangle and it is the current challenge on the "I am the Diva" website. If you want to see a wide variety of takes on this tangle, click over there. (Link in the right hand column.)

I tried doing Molygon both inside a large molygon shape and then echoed it. Added some extra line details, shading, and done!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Tangles with tangle stings

Some tangle patterns lend themselves perfectly to use as strings. All you need to do is to "biggify" them. Blow them up in size. Then add the tangles of your choice.
The first one I tried is meer. I used a variety of tangles within the lines. The fun thing I discovered as I worked though, is that sometimes I could use the line as part of the smaller tangles too. See the rain tangle and vertigoh tangle.
Then I did a large W2 and filled it with zenith. Zenith is one of the newer tangles and has become one of my favorites.
Finally I tried using drupe as a string. I didn't quite get the tangle done as shown in the stepouts. But since there are no mistakes I went with it anyway. I decided to keep the smaller tangle simple and add only some echoism. Shading finished it for me.
Below are pictures of the tiles in progress so you can see the stages.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Basic tangling on vacation

The Diva challenge is to go back to basics this week. Just use black pen with pencil shading on a 3 1/2 inch paper tile.
As I'm visiting family this week it's a perfect challenge.  I created a string using my granddaughters' initials - A and O. Then I just started tangling with whatever felt right. Pokeleaf, Mooka, and Bales.

Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 String

Happy New Year! I wanted to do a tile that celebrated the new year but I wanted to stay true to the spirit of Zentangle and not be too representational. I mean - I didn't want it to look like 'something'. So how could I be inspired? Out came a stack of looseleaf papers and I traced a couple of tiles and started sketching and playing. I eventually came up with using the year to create my string.

But how to use the numbers? At first I lined them up normally but that wasn't very useful for tangling. Then I tried overlapping the numbers and I could start to see some possibilities. Then I realized that I didn't even need the entire number - just a part of the number would do. I drew the numbers so they extended past the outline of the tile. When I was happy with my results the string that resulted was highlighted with a red marker.

This is the tile before I added the shading. I was afraid it was looking too busy but once the shading was done it all came together.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Curvy line tangles

African Artist is the challenge tangle this week. It's the one all around the border. As I was working with it I was thinking about all the other tangles that start out in the same way - with curvy lines. So I pulled all the similar tangles out of my files and put as many as I could into this tile. I could only fit 7 into this tile so I drew an entire sheet with all the ones I found. I'm sure there are more out there that I haven't included - if there is one you know of that I should include please let me know!

It's amazing that so many tangles can start out in the same way but still look so different. 

Click on this picture to enlarge it for the details. (Sorry it's sideways!) I added shading to the bottom half of each tangle but of course, you can adapt the shading however you want.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

monotangle trees

purk, echoism, cayke

arukas, meer variation, flux, shattuck, opus

These little pieces are quick and easy to do for Christmas cards. I cut a piece of black cardstock to 5 x 7. I lightly sketched a few triangles and then filled each one with a white gel pen and monotangle. The snow drifts were then added with a white charcoal pencil that I smudged and softened.  

Art supply stores sell watercolor cards that measure 5 x 7 when folded so these can be attached as is or trimmed slightly so that you will have a white border around your piece.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Hollibaugh Plus

Hollibaugh is a tangle that is wonderful for adding a different sort of element to my tangles. While it has the repetitive element of the two parallel lines, it also has a lot of randomness in where those lines are placed. There are also many tangleations you can do with this tangle and if you look at the challenge pieces from 'The Diva' web site you will find lots of inspiration.

One aspect of Hollibaugh that I find intriguing is that you can use it to connect other tangle patterns to each other. In the tile here I used four different tangle patterns around the edges and then used Hollibaugh to find ways to join them.

Here is the tile before shading - (and the photo was taken late at night so the focus is a little off).

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Tangling in the hospital

As many of you know, being in the hospital is not fun. Since I knew my surgery was coming up soon, I packed a bag of tangling supplies. I did these ATC tiles when I was at the sweet spot in my meds so I could do  them. You know - when the medicine has started to wear off and you aren't too loopy - but before the pain started up again.

I decided to each tile diffently while keeping to a basic string and a small group of tangles.

I cut them out a paper I found at Jerry's artorama . The backrooms were done with watercolor paints. Tangles were drawn with a fine tipped pen. Finally I added the shading and highlights with colored pencils.

I'm hoping to go home later today.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Trip to Tripoli

I don't know much about Tripoli - and I don't do this tangle pattern very often so I'm not very comfortable with it. That pretty much describes how I'm feeling this morning. In a couple of hours I will be at the hospital undergoing surgery. It's something I've been anticipating for a while but I'm still very nervous and somewhat scared about. (I do have great doctors and confidence in the facility.) I will be in the hospital for about 4 days so as you can expect, it's not a minor procedure. I would appreciate it if you would send some prayers and healing thoughts my way.

See you on the flip side!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

class pictures

This is a collection of pictures from fall classes this year. You can see Basics classes, Beyond the Basics, Jewelry, Shrink art, Holidays and Zenspirations. I apologize that some are not in good focus. AND be sure to scroll to the bottom of this post to see a special one on one class photo.


Holiday tangles

This is my granddaughter who tried her hand at an art piece with lots of triangle shapes that she glued down. She was so proud of what she accomplished!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Just a taste

Let's call this an experiment.  I've been wanting to tangle my suitcase that I carry class supplies in but I just haven't - until now. Really, the idea of adding just a taste of Zentangle was just the right idea.

I used a white pen so I have no idea how durable it will be. Check back in a few months and I'll post an update.

Thursday, November 5, 2015


Gourdgeous is the newest tangle pattern featured in the Zentangle newsletter. It was inspired by the pattern on bead board and it evolved into the pattern that is similar to all the gourds that we see in autumn. This is a tangle that challenged me at first - so I just decided to keep doing it until I was happy. 
This is how I started out. I did it a couple of times and wasn't too thrilled. So I tried the version with the dimple at the bottom and was happier. One more time in the basic way to balance out the zendala. So far so good - now what. Well, I got this far on Monday and hit a mental block. I couldn't decide what do do next. Finally last night I settled on the patterns to complete this piece. There is a version of Sampson in the middle and Vigne around the border. Done!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Stone tangles

Stones are fun to tangle. It really gives you a very tactile experience. First you need to choose the right stone. As I walked along the beach I saw many to choose from. If the shape looked promising I picked it up. I turned it over, I felt it to see if it was smooth enough. If it felt right I put it in my pocket. Sometimes I would catch myself playing with the rock in my pocket later that day - feeling the shape in my hand.

Washing the stone would reveal other aspects to the stone. I would discover cracks, and/or see that the water would darken the color of the stone.

After it dried I would turn the stone in all directions, trying to see if there were any tangles that seemed to be wanting to be drawn on that particular stone. When I 'discovered' them it was almost a Eureka moment!

I did most of my tangles with the Sakura IDentipen and the white graphite pencil. On the really dark rocks I used my white gelly roll pens. 

I have accumulated quite a few rocks now. These rocks are a combination of rocks I found along the shoreline in Rhode Island and rocks that I have purchased. I discovered that my big box home improvement store sells bags of rocks for landscaping. The river rock bags had several lovely shapes! (If you live in a Northern climate you may need to wait for spring to see these in stock again.)

 I love drawing Zendalas so it seemed only natural to create a small rock mandala. I used a black placemat under the composition to keep my rocks organized. Fun - and soothing.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Tangled Owls

This little project falls into the crafting with recycled materials category. Yes, The main material is the core of a roll of TP. You could also use the tube from a roll of gift wrap paper and cut it to shorter lengths. It's very easy to push in one end to create the ears and then the fun part of adding tangles comes in. I used a Sakura IDentipen and a white graphite pencil. It was quick and easy and I did all three of these in a couple of hours.

If you live in an area of the country where rain is predicted on Halloween - this would be a good project to keep those little goblins busy!

side view

Full disclosure - I saw something similar to this on Pinterest and realized that tangles would be a great addition to this project.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Almost Halloween - W2

This tile began as a way to do a montangle with W2. I laid out all my little squares and was about to start when I spotted one of my rulers that has a serrated edge. It's a ruler that's meant to be used when you want to rip paper and get a perfectly uneven deckled edge. Somehow that inspired me to do my lines in a wiggly, shakey fashion. (I didn't actually use the ruler - just was inspired by it.)

I've always liked to add linework to my W2 and as I started it I continued with the shakey lines, and that led to the Msst tangle. Now I could see it was starting to become kind of strange and spooky. I thought of adding spiders but that would be a little too representational for Zentangle. So then I came up with a few Tipple like orbs - and with the dots inside they can be seen as eyeballs. Lots of deep shading finished it.

I'm happy with the way this came out. Especially because I frequently have students who complain that their linework is too shakey. Well, now I can show them that if they just go with it they can come up with all sorts of possibilities!