Thursday, January 29, 2015

Chebucto vs Copada

The Diva has challenged us to combine two fun tangles this week. Chebucto and Copada - Both are from the talented Margaret Bremner. I tried two different approaches this week.  The first I did in a spiral - three groupings of Chebucto followed by three groupings of Copada, and repeated this pattern till the spiral ran out. Interesting, but not entirely successful to me. So I simplified the next tile and used them as basic borders - I like the symmetry in this one better.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Florida tangle trip

Did I ever mention that you can find tangles anywhere? Yup, I've been in Florida for a destination wedding of  my niece. It was a lovely setting on the beach and it sure beat the -4 degree weather on the day we left home. The coral rock above was just begging me to look at it more closely to see the patterns.

 My granddaughters decided that they needed to take full advantage of the wedding setup on the beach and 'marry' daddy.

The youngest grandchild isn't walking yet - but he is crawling and I was lucky to get a picture of him before he took off again.

The girls are all planning their future modeling careers.

I loved the centerpieces!!!

Yes, they were using a sword to cut their cake.

This was just one of many beautiful sunsets we had. 

We had a great trip on a boat off Marco Island. Dolphins were attracted to the boat and put on quite a show for us!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

On vacation

Not too much zentangle posting this week but getting some excitement. These dolphins loved to swim in front of our boat.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

200th diva challenge

Congratulations to Laura, aka "the Diva". She has given us 200 zentangle challenges to date.
For the 200th challenge she asked us to use our comfort tangle and to incorporate the number 200 into the tile.
Bales has always been my comfort tangle so I played with it here. I decided to really go with the 200 theme and managed to do this with 200 strokes of the pen. Every time I picked the pen up or changed direction, I counted it as a new stroke.
I did this in a moving car using a CD box to draw on. Some of the lines are a little wobbly but there are no mistakes in Zentangle right? Right!
I ended up feeling that this was my Bales garden.  There is still room to this garden to grow - Likewise, I  hope the Diva will continue to challenge us - and help us continue to grow.

Monday, January 12, 2015

My OSU son - Congratulations Buckeyes!

Did you see the halftime show tonight? Jimmy Kimmel had 3 signs he picked out of the crowd to compete for the Golden Sharpie trophy.
My son Kurt was there with his sign. His sign said "Look I have markers!"
Good thing Santa brought him markers for Christmas. 

I managed to get a brief video of the clip - if you are curious, click here - YouTube

String 74

String 74 from is the string on this week's challenge from Adele Bruno at Tickled to Tangle. She asked us to use it with the tangles Kiss, Lealand and Twisted. I like the string but I wasn't sure how to incorporate the tangles into it. So I just went for it and this is what came out. 

I started with one of my hand colored tiles and did the tangles with a pink pen. Shading was done with two colored pencils, a mulberry color and a purple color. Additional highlights came from a white charcoal pencil.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Laurie in Northbrook

One of the best parts of teaching Zentangle is when I am invited to teach in someone's home. Last night I was invited to Laurie's home in Northbrook to introduce Zentangle to 12 ladies. They were an enthusiastic bunch. I heard several of them express self doubt as they were working on their tiles. BUT - as we put their tiles together into our mosiac, it seemed like a light bulb went on. All the tiles were so beautiful even though they all had a slightly different way of interpreting the tangle patterns. Thanks!

Thursday, January 8, 2015


Cheryl Rotnem has started her challenge again. I enjoy her challenges as she simply gives us letters that our tangles should start with and we are then free to explore our library of tangles to find ones that catch our fancy. The tangles I chose are;
N - Nymph , Melinda Barlow
E - Euca , Anne Marks
W - Wolf Trail,  Sue Jacobs
Happy New Year!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Hitched and Tami

The challenge this week is to try a new tangle pattern - it's called 'Hitched' from Heidi Sue. I had a lot of fun playing with variations. We've finally started getting some snow (along with incredible cold) so I was thinking snowflakes when I did this. Hitched can be done in a curve but it's easiest to do it in a line or border. So it worked well to form my snowflake. I started with a white gelly roll pen and added blue colored pencil for shading. The picture below shows an early stage. I had the basic pattern in but I knew I needed to keep going. I added a few more tangleation details to Hitched. 

Then I decided to add something to the outer areas. SuzyMosh  has started a challenge called "That's new to me". You can find her blog here. She is encouraging us to find tangle patterns we haven't used before, and add them to our work. This week they are to start with the letter 'T'. I found a tangle pattern called 'Tami". I used a tangleation of it around my zendala.
I took this picture late at night with the desk lamp. So the quality of the picture isn't too good. Sorry!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

String 68 - Schway and Paradox

String 68 is the challenge this week from Adele Bruno at Tickled to Tangle. She asked us to use the tangles Paradox and Schway. I really like both these tangle patterns and the string was intriguing as it looks like an arrow by itself. I didn't try to go to far out of the box this week but I knew what I wanted to do and I was feeling industrious so I got two tiles done.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

'Wolf Trail' - new tangle pattern

Wolf Trail’ is a tangle that can be used in a variety of ways. It can be done simply or can be expanded to form an intricate pattern. I saw a glimmer of this tangle in a wallpaper pattern I saw on Pinterest and had to deconstruct it and share it with you.  When I showed it to my family my college age son said that he saw wolf’s teeth, and my husband saw a winding road. So ‘Wolf Trail’ was the name chosen.

There are several drawings here – click on any of them to enlarge the picture. 

1-     draw a line of evenly spaced dots
2-     draw C shapes that go from dot to dot – skip a dot between each shape and alternate the C shapes – one up, one down.
3-     Draw an aura over each C shape – start and end at the dots in between.
4-     Draw more auras over each C shape. Begin and end these auras so that they connect with the C shapes that go in the alternating direction.
5-     Add a V onto each C shape. You can call this an ice cream cone – or a wolf’s tooth. Do this for both the up and down facing Cs.
6-     Add large Vs that aura the little Vs. These V’s will form a line that goes through the dot between the little Cs.
7-     Aura these Vs again. These Vs will begin and end at the edges of the little Vs.


Fill in sections a la Knightsbridge, add small lines within the sections, add additional aura lines, use a thicker pen to emphasize certain lines.

Add tipple, play with shading, add bumps and/or tiny triangles, add thick and thin lines

This is a simplified version of ‘Wolf Trail’. Here, the Cs that face up and down, do not skip a dot in between them.

The simplified version of ‘Wolf Trail’ gives the opportunity to ‘hide’ one line behind the other. Instead of drawing through the shapes, ‘Draw behind’ and emphasize with shading. You can choose whether to have the zigzag or the curvy line in the front too.

The simplified version with the zigzag in front reminds me of Golven by Mariet Lustenhower - Her tangle is drawn with a different process that you may want to try out. Look at for her tangle or go to her website here.

And if you want to get more intricate, add more lines by skipping more dots in the first step. I broke the curvy and zigzag out separately so that you could see this more clearly. It doesn't matter which order you do the curvy line or the zigzag line. Once you have the wolf tooth shape in you could go either way.

Keep adding dots between the Cs and it will become one of those patterns that really plays with your eyes. - Almost an optical illusion.

Finally – I thought you might want to see one of my practice sheets as I was working this out for the first time. I used some lined paper and turned it on its side. It made the practicing much easier.

If I have overlooked any tangle patterns that are similar please let me know so I can give them credit too.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Sunday, December 21, 2014

string 69

Over at 'Tickled to Tangle', the latest challenge is to use string #69 from We were asked to use only the newest tangle pattern Arukas. Even though I recently did this tangle for another challenge, I am thoroughly enjoying this tangle so I was happy to do it again.  This string seemed like it had too many small spaces to use this tangle multiple times though, so I found a way to play with the string and just put one tangle in. 

I used one of my hand-colored tiles to start. It had all sorts of blotchy colors but I found that just added more interest for me. I tangled with a white gelly roll pen. Highlights were done with a white charcoal pencil and shading with a blue colored pencil.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

KISS - Akoya

KISS - keep it simple silly!

I really enjoying doing tangle patterns that look difficult but when you break them down they are deceptively simple. So when the Diva challenged us to 'keep it simple' , I decided I wanted to do one of the hard looking - but simple, tangles.

Sandy Hunter had a recent blog post with this tangle that she has named Akoya. This tangle is mostly made up of small orbs. It reminds me of Tipple but her way of doing this gives a lovely twisty effect. She has the step outs on her blog - just click HERE.

I was inspired by the season to see this as a wreath and add a gneiss star inside (with more orbs!). Now I'm off to do some wrapping of presents!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

string 73

This challenge is to use string 73 from with the tangles Verdigogh and Pauline's pigtails. 

It's been a busy week with all the holiday events. I had to carve out a little time to get this challenge done. Of course I was thinking about the holidays when I was doing this so I visualized two glass ornaments where you could see through to the tree branches behind. Not sure if I achieved this but it was fun.

The verdigogh that I did 'behind' the ornaments were simply done with pencil instead of the pen