Saturday, October 25, 2014

Zentangle on The View

We have celebrities that are tangling! If you saw The View on Friday, Oct 24, 2014, you will hear Rosie O'Donnell and Whoopi Goldberg discussing Zentangle. You can see the entire episode on the ABC website - search for the full episode of The View. Watch for the Zentangle discussion at 4:35. here's the link to the website - Just copy and paste

And if you can't access this because you don't live in the US try my video on YouTube. I did it standing in front of the TV with my cell phone. The grand-baby is making noise in the background and the audio needs to be turned up to hear it. So the quality isn't very good but at least I got it!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

string 66

Back to black and white techniques for string 66 today. The tangles used are Quandary, Quib, and Quiltz.
I was glad that the string is merely a suggestion as I found I wanted to adjust it slightly to accommodate my version of Quib. Quiltz was a challenge to draw behind the Quib. It took a little longer and more increased focus to work out which part of the tangle went were. Quandary is a tangle that hasn't grown on me as many others have, so I was glad to do it in smaller areas.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pink ribbon

Since October is breast cancer awareness month you will notice a lot of pink in tiles this month. It's a disease that has touched so many lives. My godmother died from it so this zendala is meant to honor her. She loved ice cream so I did the string as a swirl inside the ribbon - and added the cherry on top. And many of my happy memories of her were at the beach - so I did the Cockles and Mussels tangle around the edges. The ribbon is done with the Coil tangle pattern. The tangles were done with a pink Micron pen and the colors were done with Tombow markers and a watercolor technique.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Class pictures - Harper and Banbury

These pictures are from some recent classes. At Banbury in Bartlett we did jewelry using shrink plastic. Fun projects!! It's wonderful to see the creativity that came to play.

The pictures below are from a two week class at Harper college in Palatine. They added their own twists to the tangles we learned and came out with some beautiful tiles! Harper added a bit of a challenge as we had to change classrooms from one week to the next. Once everyone found the location, we were good.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Inspirational words

My grandson was christened recently and I wanted to do something special for him.Gifts for boys always seem to be harder than gifts for girls. And since this was for his christening, it narrowed the possibilities even more. I ended up being inspired by the work of Joanne Fink. She has a couple of books out under the Zenspirations titles. I combined inspiration from her with inspiration from design work from Margaret Bremner CZT to create this.

Our special grandson. May God bless him! He is wearing a christening gown that my grandmother bought for me as an infant. Since then the gown has been worn by many different family members. 

I ended up framing the pieces vertically instead of horizontally - it will work better in his room.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to tell you about a kickstarter campaign from Joanne Fink, the artist that inspired this project. There are only a few days left in this campaign so don't delay!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Yuma is a tangle pattern by tina-akua hunziker, CZT. Her tangle came up as the tangle to try in the Diva challenges this week. You can find the instructions on her blog here. It's a beautiful tangle and I had so much fun playing with it this morning. When I first try a tangle that's new to me I like to use as a montangle, focusing just on it.  The bottom picture shows my first attempt in just black and white. Then I pulled out one of my colored tiles and did the tangles with a brown Micron and shaded it with a coordinating colored pencil.

Next I got out some additional colored pencils and tried to enhance the shading with different colors. This tangle gave me lots of opportunties to play with shading so I'm sure I'll be using it again soon!

The black and white tile I did before my colored tiles. 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Rainbow zendala

Still with my granddaughters,  I saw the new challenge but I wasn't sure how to approach it when I only had my basic supplies with me. But then I looked at all the craft supplies the girls had and I knew I had this.
One of the gifts I had brought was a mini mandala maker and it turned out to be perfect for the size of my Zendalas. A few colored pencils borrowed from the girls, and what fun!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Crafting with Grandma

I'm called the crafting grandma.  When I spend time with my granddaughters they are always excited to see what I brought to do. The older one is especially excited if I bring special crafts that her little sister isn't old enough for. The bags below are from that project.  As I worked on the bag for her, she worked on all three of the rest of the bags for her family.

These bags were done with Sakura IDentipens in multiple colors. I don't expect them to be washed much so the pens will hold up fine.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Flying the friendly skies

Another tile I did during my flight.  Looking out the window inspired the clouds of course. As I was thinking about all the people also traveling from one destination to another, I decided to use the tangle pattern Schway. All the different tangleations were fun to come up with and helped pass the time.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Blind string

On a trip to see my granddaughters in Texas I saw the new challenge had been posted. I only had my basic supplies with me but I knew that would be plenty.  I pulled the tray table down on the plane, closed my eyes, and went for it. The slight turbulence in the air made me slow down as it drew the tangles, one stroke at a time. I didn't stress about flying and the time literally flew by.

Monday, September 29, 2014

McHenry and Banbury classes

The month is almost over but before it is I wanted to share with you my student's work from McHenry County College and Banbury in Bartlett. I love seeing what they all do!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

String 59

String 59 contains only two tangles.  Oke and Meringue.  Because the string itself is rather symmetrical I decided to do it on a small zendala. 

By the way - This tile was shaded with black pencil - not purple. Somehow as I edited it it got changed. I kinda like it so I'll leave it - but in the interest of full disclosure ....

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

leaf string zendala

This week the Diva suggested we use leaves as our string. Most of the leaves in our yard are pretty basic so I decided to try using them in a zendala instead. Fun, easy to do, and relaxing. I'm trying to get over a cold and I needed something to help me zone out and forget about the drums going off in my head.

The tangles used are tellis, euca and maelstrom.

This shows you what I had to work with. I started off using the big leaf and quickly decided it was too big.I ended up with just using two leaves - the orange, yellow leaf, and the bigger dark green leaf. My tangles were done with the brown micron pen shown. I started with the terra cotta pencil shown for shading and added a few other colors to deepen the shadows and add a few highlights.

One of the reasons I chose these tangles was that this week, Cheryl, over at artfulcreations, suggested we choose tangles starting with the letters T, E, and M. Thanks Cheryl! It sometimes help to narrow down the choices.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

String 58

I've had so many things going on lately that I haven't had time for some of the challenges. So I was glad to get back to participating in the String challenge from Adele Bruno at tickledtotangle. Going back to the basic black and white is a wonderful, comforting way to tangle.

This one uses;

Girdy by Karl Stewart

Gothic by Mariet Lustenhouwer

Girlande by Simone Bischoff

Friday, September 19, 2014

Tangling in RI-NY

I'm back home again after a wonderful week with family in Rhode Island and New York. My sister has a place in Narraganset so we flew out to Providence first. She took us out on her sailboat for a sail around the homes near Newport. Seeing the homes from the water is definitely the way to do it!

Once we docked again we had lunch at a little stand by the marina. As we were sitting at the picnic tables I looked down and realized that instead of gravel under my feet, there were broken shells. It makes perfect sense when everywhere you go they serve oysters and clams! I found one shell that hadn't been broken into too small of a piece and got out my Micron pen. It was a quick little tangle while we waited for our lunch. I left it behind to surprise the next person.

We climbed the rocks that line parts of the shore. It was a beautiful day. We tried out the tradition of stacking rocks. My sister got a nice tower going!

When taking this selfie I discovered that my phone could take a mini picture of the view in the opposite direction!

 And we enjoyed dinner at several wonderful restaurants in the area. The oysters we had came from a nearby pond. If I hadn't been flying I would have kept the shells!

Then it was time to take the ferry from New London, CT over to Orient Point on Long Island. The ferry is a great way to get over and eliminate the stress of driving all the way around. On the ferry I found a table and did this tile to pass the time. I meant to leave it as a Random Act of Zentangle but my sister laid claim to it first.

After the engagement party for my niece we had time to play. We enjoyed the beaches in the Hamptons. Again, seeing the houses from the water (or beach) is the best way to get a peek into those mansions! And then we enjoyed a trip to the vineyards on the North Fork of Long Island. Good memories!