Zentangle Kit

Inside this Zentangle Kit you will find:
Zentangle tiles are heavy-weight fine artists' paper with a beautiful vellum surface finish.  Sized at 3-1/2 inches square, your Zentangle Kit includes 34 tiles.
2 Sakura's Pigma Micron 01 black pen  
Pencils and Sharpener
Instruction Book and Companion DVD
Zentangle Legend™ and Icosahedron
Your Zentangle Kit is easy to carry and to store.
Shaped like a book, it measures 5 1/2 " x 8 " x 1 3/4 " (14 cm x 20.5 cm x 4.5 cm).
Each Zentangle Kit is $49.00 plus shipping. 

Zentangle Tiles

Tiles in bundles of 55 for $29.00. 

Pre-Strung Tiles

To help you get started, here are 18 tiles with pre-drawn strings, together with 8 blank tiles. Use these pre-strung tiles as inspiration for additional strings or when you're stumped for what string to draw.
Set of 18 pre-strung and 8 blank tiles for $19.

Zendala Tiles
21 tiles - 18 pre-stung (very light gray) and 3 blanks - These are made from the same quality paper are the original zentangle tiles but these are a bit larger and of course, round. See the many posts I have for zendalas to get ideas.  $24.95


and much more

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ALSO - Zentangle Inspired Jewelry -  featured in an upcoming Designs Original Book