Monday, March 18, 2019


HaWy - a tangle pattern from Holly Atwater CZT, is the challenge here. It's definitely a high focus tangle. It took me a few times before I got the hang of it - and it's still pretty uneven. The floral pattern was added to disguise the edges that were looking pretty wonky. But I'm glad I tried it!


  1. Beautifully handled. Not an easy tangle at all. Love that hatched fill. And great idea to disguise the edges.

  2. Hi Sue!

    Thank you so much for giving haWy a try! I adore the hatch shading... wow! It seems to add movement to the tangle too... love it! It does take a little practice to get it... and then hopefully you started to see the simple construction. 😊 I'm so glad that you had the patience and persistence to give it a try! It's lovely! Thank you!


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