Tuesday, September 20, 2011

'Pots' tangle pattern

 'Pots' is my latest tangle pattern. It relies on lots of lines. When you draw this you may want to use a ruler to get your initial marks in place so that your spacing is somewhat even. You can see my marks when you click on the picture to enlarge it. Look carefully at step 3 and you will see that the small lines do NOT line up. That is intentional. If you end up with a different number of lines between your big blocks, that's fine - just create your own version. The shading for the big blocks in the 4th step is optional. You could  leave them open and/or fill them with another pattern.

I named it 'Pots' because as I was doing it I remembered the small potholders I used to make as a child on the plastic looms. Sometimes I would miss a step and the weaving would come out in a way that was different than what I planned. My mom would still say it was beautiful though and I made a number as gifts for my grandparents too.

'Pots' was initially inspired by the carpet in a hotel I stayed at this past summer. I looked down and though it was interesting so I had to take a picture. When I got home I printed out my picture and placed tracing paper on top. I traced the pattern in a variety of ways until I got the pattern you see above.

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