Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Diva is Divine!


Hopefully everyone who reads this blog is aware of who 'The Diva' is. If not, you should. The Diva is actually Laura Harms, based in Canada. The Diva is a CZT (Certified Zentangle Teacher) who issues new challenges for all Zentangle fanatics. When a challenge is completed you post a link to your artwork on her blog and at the end of the week the Diva compile a slideshow of all the entries. There is no judging, no winners or losers. Just like Zentangle, all entries are appreciated.

Her challenges are so varied. One week they may be related to how to create your string. Another challenge might have us using certain tangle patterns. This week the challenge relates to the holiday, Halloween. They are a lot of fun and really are a good way to get a tile going if you don't feel inspired on your own. In fact, I recommend to all my students that they go back in her blog to see what the previous challenges were and try to complete a few of them at their own pace. 

One week I served as the guest challenger. You can go back and see my challenge here. http://iamthedivaczt.blogspot.com/search/label/sue%20jacobs

This week her blog passed a milestone, 200,000 hits! I'm impressed. So she is having a contest with some pretty impressive prizes. To enter, go to her blog at http://iamthedivaczt.blogspot.com/ and follow the prompts.

By the way, she does all this with two young boys, in between family life and their various health needs. Thanks Laura!


  1. This is a great post, Sue. Your inspiration is catchy . . . and I'm in the receiving mode these days. Just finished CZT7 and am s-l-o-o-o-ly getting into creating my page. Thanks.


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