Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tipple and Alphabet Soup rewarmed

Tipple is one of those tangle patterns that you can do anything with. It stands on its own or it fills any string you have.  I decided to try a little 'mooka' string and filled it with tipple and then added some extra big tipple in the back - 'drawing behind'. Fun to do!

I've also gotten myself started up again on my Alphabet Soup Challenge. The Alphabet Soup challenge is one I issued to myself. The goal is to try to use tangle patterns that are not official patterns, but to use only the ones that start with a certain letter of the alphabet. I realized as I looked through my collection of tangles that this was a project that could certainly be done!!!

This tile 'G' features the following tangles;

Golven - Mariet
Girlande - Simone Bischoff
Gear 1 - Molossus
Genoa - Donald Wilka
Gingham - Margaret Bremner

Anyone is welcome to join me in this challenge. Post it wherever you like - I don't have a linky machine. If you don't have a blog or Facebook page just email me a picture and I'll post it here.

And if you wonder why I have the letter G here - well, I'm a Gemini, I tend to get too many projects going at one time and get sidetracked. If you go back in my blog to October and November of 2012, you will see the beginning of the alphabet posted


  1. Both of these are great, really enjoy the variation on Tipple. The "G" is fabulous, alphabet soup is wonderful.

  2. Love your tipple filled mooka (this could be our own language you know?). Wonderful idea!

  3. Like your Tipple Mooka. I agree with your comment about its versatility. Thanks for using my tangle Genoa. Looks great.

  4. Love your Mooka-Tipple, great combination.
    So very elegant.
    Your challenge of alphabet soup is very attractive,I should do it some time. Your G-tile is very special!

  5. Both are wonderful! The combination of Tipple with Mooka is great and very elegant. Your "G" tile is excellent. Your challenge of the alphabet soup is very interesting!

  6. I love the one with Mooka; perfect combination!

  7. Very nice. I love the Mooka/Tipple combination!


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