Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fengle/Quandry Duotangle

What's a Duotangle? Simply, it's a tile that's completed using only two tangle patterns. Here the two patterns are Fengle and Quandry. These are both official Zentangle patterns and instructions for them can be found  following these links; Fengle and  Quandry.

I used the basic square paper tile and then picked up my colored Pigma Micron pens. Some shading was added with the appropriately colored Prismacolor colored pencil.


  1. It is beautiful with the added color! NancyD

  2. Lovely, I like the colors and their darker lines.

  3. Your shading gives a nice 3-D effect. Like the Quandry in the Fengle.

  4. This is a fun tile, Sue. The color certainly adds some zip to those Fengle and the Quandry peeking through is a nice touch.

  5. The color just makes it pop! I love it!


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