Friday, November 29, 2013

well + pea-nuckle

This tile combines two tangle patterns 'well' and pea-nuckle' When I look at the pea-nuckle tangle the first thing I see is lots of texture. I guess I'm still in thinking about that bug challenge last week so I thought a reptile's back would be perfect for the texture of pea-nuckle. And 'well', worked out reminding me of a fancy tiled floor.


  1. Very nice - I really like the depth and detail you have given to well in this tile. Lovely!

  2. So elegant! I love the colours too. Axxx

  3. Nice use of both tangles. I like the variation of well. It does give the appearance of a tile floor.

  4. I love how Pea-Knuckle stands out like 3D on this tile Sue! Beautiful.


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