Monday, March 10, 2014

string 30 - Real Life Strings

Sindy P has come out with a new book that she calls 'Real Life Strings'.  She has taken photographs from around the world and discovered 'strings' within them. The string in the tile above came from a paved driveway in Florida. The picture below shows the photo that was manipulated to emphasize the string and the tile shows the string as I drew it.

Over at tickledtotangle you will find other tanglers that have also tried out this string. We also used tangles that started with the letter P. Above you will see Pendrills, Pepper, Pea-nuckle, and Peaks Border.

Whenever I do the tangle Pea-nuckle, I remember my grandfathers. One of their favorite card games was Pinochle. After the family dinner they would go to the back room of the house, smoke their cigars, and play Pinochle. They are no longer with me but I am so glad that aspects of zentangle can help me remember them.


  1. It's a lovely and unusual tile, Sue - and many congratulations on being chose to receive Sindy's book! There was some very stiff competition.
    Lovely that a tangle reminds you of family and family times - is that you with the doting grandparents??

    1. Thanks Ann - Yes, that's me. I was the first grandchild so I got spoiled with beautiful babydolls and the doll stroller in the picture.

  2. Sue, congratulations to be choosen to recieve the book of Sindy. Your tile is verrry beautyful. You used alle the patterns and in such a perfect harmony. I always have problem with filling the whole tile, but you showed us how to do it without it looks to busy! And just like Adelle I just love your partial border!

  3. I love how your Pendrill is floating over the other tangles Sue!


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