Saturday, August 23, 2014

hoot class pictures

Hoot 2014 is all done now and I've finally gotten a chance to go through all the pictures and see what all the classes did in detail. I taught 4 classes plus a free demo - plus working a booth with Cris Letourneau at the trade show. I was glad I had my husband there to help!

I want to give a special Thanks to Leslie Crumpler at Sakura of America. She sent along a few sets of Sakura Micron pens for special door prizes. That made for some exciting draws and some very happy people!

In the tote bag class we started out with a basic tile to get everyone familiar with the frame, string, fill, etc. I didn't get a picture of the tote bags but their tiles look great!

This was the two hour class where we worked on these strips to go around small tin boxes. They were so cute!

The Zentangle Christmas was the largest class - and we did cards, ornaments, and small boxes - so lots of pictures!

And the last class, on Friday, was the Zen Garden class. We started out by coloring the background of a paper with a watercolor wash. While that was drying we did some of the tangles on a regular size tile so we could go over the basics of zentangle at the same time.

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  1. What I love about posts like this is seeing how a group of people can take a handful of tangles and go in so many different directions. What a truly infinite artform this is!


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