Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Rainbow zendala

Still with my granddaughters,  I saw the new challenge but I wasn't sure how to approach it when I only had my basic supplies with me. But then I looked at all the craft supplies the girls had and I knew I had this.
One of the gifts I had brought was a mini mandala maker and it turned out to be perfect for the size of my Zendalas. A few colored pencils borrowed from the girls, and what fun!


  1. wonderful Zendala, I like your Rainbow drops ;-)

  2. Very pretty, Sue, I like the center a lot.

  3. So einfach - so bezaubernd - ich bewundere diese Art!

  4. This is so pretty! Beautiful zendala!

  5. love your zendala - proves you can tangle without too many supplies - just use what is there! very pretty shading.


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