Thursday, November 20, 2014

Embrace the Yuck

The challenge this week is to draw with our non dominant hand - in my case, my left hand. I've tried this challenge before so I put off getting to this challenge this week. I even broke my own rule by looking at some of the other responses to the challenge before mine was done. It was interesting reading the other blogs. Some of them said things like, how much they were surprised by this, how much they learned, and how relaxed this made them. As for me, NOPE! I did not find this relaxing, surprising, or educational. I was frustrated! When I finished it the only sense of accomplishment I felt was, Done!, and out of the way.

I started with a colored tile that was pretty yucky. It had a big water bloom in the middle so I knew it was doubtful anyone would ever buy it. I used a pink Staetler marker with a wider nib. I wanted it to be fairly bold and graphic. I used tangles that had straight - or almost straight lines. It was easier to do the straight lines but hard to get the spacing the way I wanted it. I added shading with colored pencils. Again, it was hard to get the shading in the spaces where I wanted it. Oh well, it's done, I did it. Now onward and upward.


  1. Oh Sue, I'm so glad I'm not the only one. I didn't embrace it - it wouldn't keep still long enough. I read about other people getting satisfaction out of it and thought it must be just me. Thank Heaven. I have to admire your tile, however, it is both pretty and well done. You chose good patterns to go together and the original tile may have been yucky in your eyes but the finished product is rather attractive.

  2. Thanks for giving it a go!! It's so pretty in pink!!

  3. I myself do LIKE the tile that you used (proves again how different we all are) and you did quite well in drawing with your non dom hand. And it was hard and frustrating for me too.

  4. I didn't even attempt the non dominant hand challenge - I knew I wouldn't enjoy it and I want to enjoy tangling.

    However I love your bloomed tile - it would be the one I would pick out - the difference, the individuality, the flaw is what appeals and I would use that to work my tangles round.

  5. Great off-hand Tile, Sue. So glad that you met this challenge. I've really enjoyed everyone's experience's this week. Would it not have been interesting to have all of the Tanglers in a large auditorium when the Off-Hand challenge was announced. The collective reaction would have been priceless. As tough to do as it was, I loved it and all of the Tiles entered.

  6. I think your tile turned out well.


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