Thursday, June 25, 2015

Frame for displaying tiles

Everybody always asks me how I display my finished tiles. Usually I put them into page protectors in three ring binders. But sometimes I really want to display them. Problem is, whenever I do another tile I want to display that one too. So I was very excited when I saw this. I was teaching a small group at a home in Chicago and the hostess had this on her wall. It's a simple design. Wire is strung across and horizontally and small clothespins hold the tiles or pictures. She was using it for her tiles and it looked great. So I was off to Pier One to find one for myself.

You can find it online at the Pier One site - Look for 'Window clip frame' - there are a few varieties to choose from. If you have a Pier One store near you, it may be better to get it there. It was a little cheaper at the store - plus, I had to replace one of the clips so I got another discount.

When I got home I put my tiles and Zendalas in right away. As you can see, I made backers out of black card stock for the tiles - they just needed a little more oomph.

I'm excited about this. It's up on the wall already and it's going to be so easy to switch out my new favorites!

By the way - I have no financial interest in Pier One - If any of you find something similar somewhere else, please let us know!

If you are handy and want to try making your own, here's a close up of the way the clip is attached to the wire.

And here is the way I did my backers for the tiles - I just cut slits and tucked the corners of the tile in.


  1. This is cool...I think you could make one with eye screws and old frames...I am going to make a couple for the shop!

  2. Great. Thanks for sharing. Pier One just got added to my errands for the day.


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