Saturday, February 27, 2016

5 year Anniversary

This month I celebrated my 5th anniversary of becoming a CZT (Certified Zentangle Instructor). Zentangle has given me so much since I learned the method. I genuinely enjoy sharing it in my classes. As I was chatting with other CZTs that were in my same class, we all felt the same and wanted to celebrate.  Sine it is our 5th anniversary and we were class #5, we decided to do a swap among ourselves.

We decided to each create 5 tiles and somewhere on the tile to include the number 5. I decided to use the number 5 as my string. I used my orange colored tiles and a brown Micron pen. Shading was done with a colored pencil and highlights were added with a chalk pencil.

Here are the tiles before I added the background tangles - you can see the '5' string a little more easily. I challenged myself to find different tangles for each tile. It took a little longer than I thought.

Here are the last two of the group of five - with and without their background tangles.

And a group photo.


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