Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Teacher get together in Portland


One of the benefits of becoming a Certified Zentangle Teacher is that you gain a community of other teachers who are equally excited by Zentangle are are interested in continuing our learning and exploring where Zentangle can take us. We have message boards, Facebook groups, and periodic get  togethers, both on a local and national scale. 

Last weekend was one of those events. It was held in Portland, Maine. We had over 100 CZTs gathered in a lovely hotel, enjoying great food, great classes, forming and renewing friendships, and exploring the picturesque city of Portland. 

The pictures here are from just one of the classes. It was taught by Kate Lamontagne. We explored ways to create Zendalas using a special rotating compass tool. You can see it pictured in the corner of the picture below which is my work in progress. You can also see the top of my pen so you can see the scale of the piece.

After we all had our Zendalas drawn in ink we then were guided in adding colored pencil work to our pieces. Mine isn't quite done, I have a few more things to add. But I wanted to show you how it's coming.

The other picture below is from a class taught my Molly Hollibaugh. Molly took us back to the basics of Zentangle. It is soooo good to remember what got me hooked in the first place. We did the traditional class mosaic of all out pieces. It was quite a sight to behold!!!


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