Thursday, August 24, 2017

Zentangle plates

Zentangle plates is a concept where 4 tiles are put together. They all have the same circular strings but are tangled with their own tangle patterns. When put together they form a 'plate'. This was a fun project to do. It was interesting to choose tangle patterns that varied in light and dark, curves vs straight lines, and random vs geometric shapes.

Below is each tile separately and at the end is the grouping before shading.

 Sampson, Bales, Coil, ?

 Rain, Meer, Zenith, N'zeppel

 Crescent moon, Echoism, Copada, W2

 Bales fragment, Onamato, Ditto, Surf's up/also named ___?


  1. Really lovely! Curiously, I almost like them better on their own.

  2. I like them as individual pieces too. I think it's something to do with my OCD side, I like making the four quarters of the plate match. Each of these is a little work of art in itself.

  3. I really like how much you varied your tangle shapes and styles. It makes for a very interesting and delightful plate.

  4. Very beautiful Sue. I have seen all entries by now and I have to say that I like the separate parts better then after combining them.

  5. Your quarter "plates" are so well executed. The shading really makes the layers pop, but when you put them together, some of the detail gets lost. I'd like to see each of them as a full "plate"---i.e. a mandala---you know, like in your free time. ;-)

  6. Wonderful and very elegant "plate"! Great choice of tangles.

    P.S. I think the outer border´s tangle on the first tile is "Drogon" by Lily Moon.


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