Thursday, January 25, 2018

Inspired by Henna

Like everyone, I hit dry spells every now and then. I still tangle and enjoy the process, but don't feel like it's something I want to post. Then ... something comes along, and gets the creative juices flowing.

I saw a post from a bakery that decorates cookies with Henna designs. That got me going right to my colored tiles and my Moonlight Gelly Roll pens. What fun!

The tiles were hand colored in advance with professional grade watercolor paints. I have quite a collection now so it was fun picking through them. I will probably do a few more of these on different colored backgrounds.

The Sakura Moonlight Gelly Roll pens are opaque, luminous, gel ink. They work really well on black paper and other dark colors. I wasn't sure how well they would show up on orange paper but just went for it and was happy with what I got.

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