Tuesday, January 25, 2011

the party's over

It's cold here! The snow won't quit and the skies are gray. The decorations are all down and I'm kind of reliving them. When we took the tree down the floor was full of ornaments waiting to go in their box. Of course I saw tangles.

Then too, our football fans are sad to see their team eliminated from the playoffs, thus the title.

By the way, note the ball in the middle on the far right. It uses a Zhostova inspired tangle that I'll post tomorrow.


  1. I love you use of Coil - I haven't used it get (need to get out the practice book). This is lovely.

  2. Thanks Julie - You will be surprised how easy coil is. If you can do an 'S' curve, a 'C', and straight lines, it's easy. I usually start with penciled dots to keep my 'S' curves at an equal distance - then I just go for it.


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