Friday, July 12, 2013

Coil on a mailbox - by Kathy Baker

Today's post comes from Kathy Baker. I was so excited when I went to Facebook and saw what she had posted. And since I'm away, taking care of grandbabies, it couldn't have come at a better time!

Kathy used the very first tangle pattern that I named and posted the step outs to. It's the tangle 'Coil'. And HOW she used it - well WOW!

Thanks so much Kathy!

From Kathy..... 

  There I was getting rid of the pretty old mailbox post that had rotted away after 20 years.  I bought the replacement at Home Depot and carried it home, painted it with three coats of exterior house paint that matched our house trim.  But, it still seemed so plain. 

     I was trying to think of ways to dress it up...a stencil?  Add wood finials?  Then I found Sue's coil design.  It was perfect!  I watched her video and practiced while I watched it.

     Then I went out to the old mailbox post with a big purple marker to see if I would like it. I did a rough sketch right on the old post in purple marker. It looked great on the post! image.jpeg

     I came back to the new post and measured off three inch dots. I started doing the lazy s curves free hand and realized that I needed help working on such a big area, so I made a curve stencil by tracing one of the lazy s curves that I particularly like from the rough sketch on the old post. image.jpeg

     I had tried with transfer paper to put the design onto the new post but it was a rough surface, so it wasn't working.  image.jpegThen I got on old cereal box from the recycle bin and cut a lazy s curve out of that.  I penciled the s curves and added the rest of the pattern as Sue showed in her video.  image.jpegThen I got out my old tole paints and brushes. I just painted along my pencil markings and did some shading with diluted paint.  I bought some 10 minute dry clear spray for indoor/outdoor and sealed it in place.  The rest is history! image.jpeg

     Hope you find a Zentangle pattern you like to add to your mailbox post! 

Sending kind thoughts your way,


  1. I'm sorry I can't see the photos, but I'm sure it looks great!

  2. Oh good, it's not just me! Will check back later to see photos.

  3. My apologies folks! I don't know why pictures aren't showing up for everybody. When I get back home I will work on it! Sue Jacobs CZT


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