Wednesday, July 10, 2013

HOT zendala dare

Erin posted a new zendala dare on her blog 'the bright owl'. You can tell she was suffering from the heat when she posted it. She added an extra challenge. We needed to use tangles that have names that start with the letters H O T or H E A T. 

The tangles I used are Hurry, Opus, Tipple and Trimond.

I knew when I saw this challenge I had the perfect colored tile to use. It was already colored with deep yellow and orange. I tangled it with a brown Micron pen and shaded with an orange Prismacolor pencil. It was a tile that was quick to do. I dropped a friend off at the dentist and sat in the waiting room. When she came out, I was all done!


  1. One word...WOW! You have truly captured HOT with your zendala. It is hot, and beautiful, and I'm amazed how quickly you did it.

  2. Oh, it´s so fantastic. It shows glow and heat. Great coloring!

  3. It looks golden! Really lovely, and hot hot hot. :)

  4. This really looks HOT!!! And also lovely.

  5. Looking great on the colored tile.
    Good choice of tangles :)

  6. Absolutely bursting with heat! Beautiful and HOT! Love the colored tile for the background.


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