Friday, December 6, 2013


This zendala was a fun one for me. I liked the template but felt I just needed to do a little tweaking to it. And since I always tell my students that the strings are just suggestions, and, it's not a coloring book where you have to stay within the lines, I really played with the original. I made my circles much bigger - and I actually had one less circle in each line. 

You see, when I looked at this template I saw bubbles. My granddaughters love to blow bubbles with the wand and soap solution. They chase them until they can pop them. And I love to see the iridescent colors that the bubbles have if they catch the light just right!

One of the sheets of hand colored papers I did had that magical combination of colors so I used it as my background paper. I did just a smidge of tangling on each bubble. The shading was done with colored pencil and highlights were done with my zen stone.


  1. This is a unique looking design, I really like it.

  2. Gorgeous, I love the blue green colouring as well as the tangling.

  3. Nice! It looks delicate like floating bubbles! Cute photo of your granddaughter!

  4. Your zendala is really different and beautiful!! So is the photo, taken just at the right moment.


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