Monday, December 9, 2013

string 20 - Mooka + Moving Day

Adele Bruno over at Tickled To Tangle has been giving out new challenges every week now. She picks a string and a couple of tangles that usually use the letters of the string creator's name as inspiration. This week it's a string from Margaret Bremner and the tangles are Mooka and Moving Day.

String 20 is a beautiful string to work with. I love the simplicity and the way you can fill the sections with tangles. But these two tangles? Yikes, I didn't think these two worked together and putting 'Mooka' inside the lines of the string didn't appeal to me. So I started thinking outside the box like I often do. That's how I ended up with 'Moving Day' as my string. Then I could simply weave my 'Mooka' in and out.

I also tried a new technique here that I learned from Cris Letourneau. The ghost Mooka that you see in the corners was done by using just my dirty paper stump. So simple!

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