Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Harper - Banbury - and Jo's card

Harper college last Saturday - This was the second class so we moved on to more advanced tiles and used renaissance (tan) tiles. The skies turned dark and ominous outside but we were in our own little Zentangle world and just 'zenned out'. Wonderful tiles that were done!
Jo Fryer had a nice surprise for me!  She used tangling skills from the first week of class and combined it with her card making skills! How pretty and how happy you made me!

Then on Sunday I hade a foursome at Banbury working on their organic tangles. These are the fronts of greeting cards and they weren't  quite finished when I took this picture.  They are going to be magnificent!

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  1. The Saturday class tiles are AWESOME! I haven't experimented with the tan tiles yet, although I do have them.


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