Monday, May 4, 2015

May Day

It's May! And my trees are in bloom. Nothing makes me smile - or makes me more content. than walking out to my yard and standing under the trees and being surrounded by the blossoms and their perfume.

I know that the blossoms will not last long. They are predicting rain so before long I'll have a carpet of white petals instead. I wanted to get out there and take some pictures quickly.

After spending some time with my blossoms I knew I wanted to do a tile inspired by them. A few weeks ago I was playing with my watercolor paints and a stencil and I created this zendala. At that time though, I didn't know where I wanted to go next with it. So I set it aside in my stack of projects waiting for inspiration. 

The trees inspired me to do a pink and white theme. I have a couple of different white gel pens so I used two that have different thicknesses to do my tangling. (I know you can hardly see the finer lines but trust me, they are there inside the bales.) Since my new mantra is 'Simplify', I only used three tangles and then shaded with colored pencils and highlighted with a white chalk pencil.


  1. I love your white work - it's so delicate and lacy. And brings a new dimension to familiar tangles.

    Can I ask what brand your fine white gel pen in as I find the ones I've tried too thick?

  2. Absolutely beautiful and delicate!

  3. Really cool. I just love it.


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