Sunday, May 24, 2015

White on Black on Found

The Diva challenge this past week was to do something with a white pen on a black surface. We could use the official black tiles - or .......? This has been a tough week for me as I haven't been feeling  well - and even ended up in the hospital for testing. Thankfully it wasn't as bad as we were afraid and I'm on the mend now.

I finally got around to thinking about the Diva challenge last night. I had a burst of inspiration - I would do tangles on the bluestone walkway with kid's chalk. Great idea right? Well, today ended up to be raining so I sat in my studio looking for other ideas. I looked down at my feet - and well, you can see what I did. I used a white Signo gel pen. I'm not sure how long this will last - It may wear off the first time I walk in the rain or wet grass. So that's why I took pictures! 


  1. Fantastic! Hope the ink stays on!

  2. What a brilliant idea. Can you coat them with something, clear nail polish or decoupage glue? Either that or you'll just have to frame them instead of wearing them.

  3. Hey...these are way cool! My vote is for any clear finish you might have on hand. The solvent based things might deteriorate your shoes...but artist spray...light coats might do the job. Even hairspray might work ( be sure to shield the upper shoe ). Very'll have to tell us what happens.


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