Thursday, July 28, 2016


Circles - It's an interesting way to start a design. This was the challenge this week and I wasn't sure how I wanted to approach this. I remembered how much fun I had with the stacked challenge a few months ago so I decided to revisit that only with circles. I hunted through the stash of papers I have in my studio and found this assortment of neutral colors. (The black is an official Zendala tile for size reference.) I tried out different ways to put the circles and ended up liking this off center placement.

I wasn't sure which way to go with the tangles so I just started with whatever came to mind.  Then I added some gold paint along with the shading. I think it actually shows up in this picture for a change!


  1. This is really beautiful, the contrasts between black and white and the colors are just perfect, love this work!

  2. WOW! This is so beautiful!!!

  3. WOW, this is gorgeous Sue!!! Love your way of stacking this off center.

  4. Love the composition and the colors!

  5. I love off-set circles, and your colours and tangles are stunning!


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