Friday, May 11, 2018

Painted Portland

I'm continuing to share posts from the time I spent in Portland OR at Tangle U. This is from a class named 'Painted Portland' taught by Julie and Art Allison. It was a fun class where we learned how to combine traditional tangling with color and images that referenced landmarks or other aspects of the location.  Some of the places referenced are the Chinese and Japanese gardens, the river, 3 bridges, industry, horse rings, bubblers, and more. At home, I decided to add in a reference to Voodoo donuts.

We used a paint called Lumiere Metallic Paint. It's water based so it's easy to work with. It has a marvelous sheen that doesn't show up easily in photographs. So I tilted the paper until I got the sheen and took closeups - see below!

Thanks Julie and Art!

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