Monday, May 7, 2018

Peerless watercolors at TU

One of the optional classes I took at Tangle U in Portland was a class taught by Tess Imobersteg. She introduced us to a product from Peerless. These are small cards that have watercolor paint dried onto them. We took our strips of color and attached them to a folder along with a sheet of clear acetate. Then we played around with the colors and a waterbrush to test drive them.

This is the outside of my folder. You can see the info along with the website for Peerless.

Closeup of my folder, the waterbrush and two tiles I did in class. If you look carefully you can see the sheet of acetate that is taped into the center.

You can see by the lighter dots on the paint chips how little paint it took to color my tiles.

So, what did I think of the paint? Well, I found there was a little pilling of the paper as I picked up the color off the paper but I was told that as I got used to it I wouldn't need to use that much pressure to get the color up. I had mixed feelings about the color palette. I would have liked a more saturated color but it wasn't bad. We only played with the summer palette but if you look at their website you will see the complete range of colors.

Where this really shines though, is how wonderful this product is for travel. You can pack  this in a backpack and travel light but still have access to all the colors you need to embellish a journal or a couple of tiles.

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  1. Nice report on the product. I bought the original and new color samples. Can't wait to play with them. Great seeing you at TangleU.


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