Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tootsie tangle pattern

 I've been doing this pattern since I was a teen so at first I thought it wasn't really good enough to go into the collection of tangle patterns. I realized however, that gifts for children and new babies are an important part of why some of us do zentangles. Tootsie is a very simple tangle to do. I've shown mine with only four toes (like cartoonists), but feel free to do all 5. For me, Tootsie makes a great string. You can see that's how it was used in the tiles below.

We've all done hand prints with our children. How many of you have tried this version? Use acrylic paint and thin it with water. Spread it thinly across a disposable plate. Form a fist and ink the side of your hand as pictured. Do the other hand in the same way. Stamp both hands alternately on paper, cards, etc. Put your fingertips into the paint to do the toes. Pointer finger for the big toe and pinky finger for the little toes.

This can also be done on a T-shirt or canvas tote - Wouldn't that be a nice Mother's Day present!! If doing this on fabric, use a paint meant to go on fabric and don't thin with water.

If you do this on a t-shirt for mom you could add "My kids walk all over me"

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  1. I've drawn this forever, too! It makes a great tangle; when do we get a clue as to the news, hmmmmm? *G*


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