Thursday, June 30, 2011

'Lezy' tangle pattern

Lezy is my newest tangle pattern. It was inspired by a pattern on a Russian tray. It seems to have elements of calligraphic embellishments too.

If you click on the photo you will get an enlarged version. Lezy is simple to do. The steps are as follows.

-draw a scallop along your line. (line can be curved too)
-rotate your paper and draw the scallop again. Note that you begin the points of your scallops a bit away from the first points. This will create small diamond shapes.
-add embellishments at the points and dots as desired.
-add whatever tangleations you can come up with.


  1. Charming - I can't wait to use this! Thank you for another lovely tangle, Sue.

  2. Great tangle! I'll be adding it to my "reference" book this evening. Thanks for sharing.


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