Friday, June 3, 2011

State Fair

They are saying it is going to be 90 degrees today. So I was definitely thinking summer when I came up with a name for this piece. I hope my air conditioning is working.

This piece is done on one of the tiles I colored with my Tombow markers earlier last month. I really enjoy that technique. This tile was done with a dark green micron pigma pen and a dark green colored pencil for shading. I realize that it doesn't really look like I used a dark green micron pen but I can assure you a black pen would have given a very different result.

A few housekeeping items:

I love, love, love it when people leave comments. I think most bloggers do. So to all of you who have left comments, THANK YOU!

Also, I do not get paid for writing this blog. I do it mainly because I love Zentangles and zentangle inspired art, and I want to share my inspirations. I hope it will bring interested students to me. For those of you who are outside of my area, I hope you may consider using advertisers that have posted ads - or at least just look at the ads. Currently I have an ad for Dick Blick art materials. I use Dick Blick myself and find their prices - especially when they have sales, to be very good. If you click on the ad through my page they will recognize me. Thank you!!!


  1. Very pretty! Which pattern is the ribbon/band that cuts across the upper right corner? I think I've seen it before but can't place it, and I like it

  2. hi and thanks! - the pattern you are referring to is Fleuve. Find it at

  3. Sue, your colour looks so lovely, cool and calm with a party of tangles celebrating!


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