Tuesday, June 21, 2011

String theory - lightbulb moment

I had a light bulb moment this morning. You know, when you think of something and it all seems so right.

 Keep reading and this odd picture will make sense.

Strings in zentangles can be frustrating. I tend to draw the same string over and over. So the string theory challenges from the Diva have been enlightening. But creating new ones yourself is the challenge. And the zentangle philosophy is "unexpected results" and "unknown outcomes". So I think I came up with a way that I can't believe I haven't seen before.

Find a string around the house. Find a weight that has a hole in it. Tie your string to the weight and let it drop down onto your tile. Do this  until you have a string that you find pleasing. Take a picture or get out your pencil and start drawing.  TA-DA! Your own string! You can incorporate the shape of your weight into your design or not. Your choice.

Now, the string can be a variety of things; cord, yarn, thread, ribbon, beads, etc. And the weight can be a variety of things too. A washer, a heavy button, a nut from a bolt, a ring (wedding or otherwise), a fishing weight, etc. You don't have to go out and buy something. There will be something, somewhere, laying around the house.

Then you can get creative. Try thicker ribbons and twisting them, try rubber bands knotted together, I'm sure you can come up with new ideas. Then please share them with me!!!


  1. That is a Fantastic idea!! I will give it a go an see what develops from this type of string.

  2. oooh!! i love this soooo much.... can you email me?

  3. Great idea! I especially like your second one, but I really like broad disks with a hole (Chinese coins, jade necklace disks, CDs!).
    Something small and heavy with a hole... hmm... the game is afoot!

  4. I did think about doing that, actually, but couldn't figure out how to get the string drawn once the physical string is on the paper. But I do have a lot of string from embroidery. :D I also didn't think about weighting it. :D

  5. I am off to collect some goodies, great idea Sue!


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