Monday, August 20, 2012

HOOT report 2012

I got home late last night after a fun and busy week in Columbus, Ohio. HOOT - the Heart of Ohio Tole painters held their annual convention and I was so happy to be back there with friends and all the creative energy. There were classes with wonderful teachers, great shopping at the expo floor, exhibits and contest, banquets and more.

The first picture you see is of Memory boxes. They are done for families that have lost infants at birth. Instead of going home with their babies' bracelet and hat in a plastic bag, they are given a handpainted memory box. At the convention they had a table set up with all the supplies and everyone is invited to sit down and paint in their free time. As you can probably guess I did the ones with the zentangle patterns. It's a little more challenging to do the tangles and shading with a paintbrush instead of a pen but it was all good.

The theme of the conference was "U TOUCAN PAINT". I had three great classes pictured above. Some of them still have a few little things to touch up and varnish to be added, but I'm pretty pleased with them all.

Class with Pat Lentine

Class with Judy Diephouse.

And this was our small group of friends at the banquet on the last night.

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  1. I've only been to HOOT once, but it was wonderful. Thanks for posting the memory boxes; I have painted a lot of them over the years, it's a great project.


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