Monday, October 15, 2012

Zaturn - new tangle pattern for shading

New tangle pattern today!  Zaturn

Click on picture to enlarge!

This is a tangle pattern that is geared to people who love to shade. And if you don't think you can shade, try it and see if this helps you get better at it!

1- It starts with a continuous line - well, a semi-continuous line that is. Start your pen at the edge of the shape you are tangling and draw a line that goes around, in loops, across, etc. When you get to the edge of the shape lift your pen and 'fly' over to where your line would continue. (See the dotted lines in the first step as an example of what I mean) Don't get too complicated with your design. Try to cross other lines at somewhat of a right angle but don't panic if it's not. And avoid having more than two lines cross at the same place.   ---  And if this is as clear as mud to you, try using a wonky grid pattern as I did in the lower example.

2- Shading - Put the darkest pencil shading in one corner of each section. as you do each section, alternate - at random, the corner you shade. You could also shade one of the four sides if that works better for you. You can do all the darks at one time. Then, using a paper stump or tortillion, blend the shading out. Start by tickling just the edge of the pencil area and aim to get the shading to reach halfway or two thirds of the way across the shape.  Always leave the side opposite from your shading white.

In the lower example You can see the same shading done on the wonky grid pattern. The section on the left shows the darks as they were drawn before the blending step.

Ok, the name. Zaturn. I was thinking, shading and turning the piece in different directions - shading + turn. That led me towards 'saturn'. Cool, kinda other worldly too! But in my book of tangle patterns I have too many patterns that begin with the letter S already. So I changed it to a Z. Thus Zaturn was born.

Come back tomorrow where I'll add more of my tips on shading. And, if you haven't already, see the wonderful pages on shading on


  1. Nice! Good idea, too. Might help those who find shading a bit of a challenge.

  2. I love shading, and this looks like a lot of fun!

  3. Ohhh, this is so pretty and "looks" easy... I can't wait to try it!


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