Wednesday, February 20, 2013

McHenry Community College 2-19-13

Last night I had 15 ladies in my Zentangle Basics class at McHenry Community College. I am constantly amazed and awed by how each group finds their own way to interpret the same basic tangles. Click on the pictures above to enlarge them and see the detail.

This was my first experience teaching at this facility. I really enjoyed it. I had a mini disaster when I was wheeling my stuff in and a box and bag fell off my cart into the rainy, slushy, parking lot. As I hurriedly tried to pick things up, two students came to my rescue. Mind you, the temperature was in the teens, so I really appreciated their help. When I got to the classroom I saw a huge space. I pulled the chairs up to the front so we could see and hear each other. At the front of the classroom was a whiteboard that lined the entire wall. I could demonstrate the tangles easily and not have to erase them right away! Of course, I used a large sketchpad too so the shading could be demonstrated.

I'll be back at this facility on March 5th to teach more tangles and projects with a spring theme. Click on the classes tab above for all the info.


  1. Mini disasters never happen on the last day of class, it's always on the first day. But you survived to teach another day. I sure wish I could be in your class (but not in the snow and freezing temperatures).

  2. I was in your class last night and I loved every minute of it. Thank you so much!


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