Wednesday, June 12, 2013

McHenry County College 6-13

There were 19 students that joined me last night at the McHenry County College last night. I was assigned a new classroom from the one that I previously taught at and it was a bit of a circus trying to find it. I went to the old classroom first, realized my mistake and then found out I was in a different building. I loaded my supplies back in the car, moved to the other lot, and started again. Then the classroom was locked so I had to find a key!  I'm glad I left plenty of time to get there but if I seemed a little harried, I apologize! The students did a wonderful job on their tiles. I saw a number of new ideas for tangleations and shading ideas!

One student left her tile behind and I have it with me. It's the one in the lower left corner in the picture above. If that's you, please call me. 

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  1. Thats where it went! I did not realize I left it behind....i was looking for it to finish :(
    The class was fabulous, and I had a great time! Thank you! I will be in touch to get my tile :)
    G G


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