Thursday, June 6, 2013

The devil that you know

Erin at the Bright Owl  - has a wonderful collection of templates for zendalas. This week, instead if putting out a new one, she challenged us to revisit an old one that we didn't like or had problems with.

I looked through all the templates I had printed out and pulled out all the ones that I hadn't tried. There are a variety of reasons why I haven't done several of them. Sometimes I'm just too busy to get to them. Sometimes I look at them and figure it would be too busy. And sometimes I just don't like them. I don't know why I hadn't done this one - I think it was a combination of all three reasons.

This is dare number 32 that came out November 17th 2012. When I looked at it I kept seeing alien faces staring at me so I finally decided to just go with that.

Hand colored tile with watercolor paints - blue Micron pen -Prismacolor blue pencil for shading.


  1. What a lovely tile! I love the blue. It's drawn so beautifully. Great job.

  2. Very beautiful, including the alien eyes :-)

  3. I really like it! it keeps my eyes moving from one part to the next-kind of like looking outward and inward-I also like the soft shading in the center


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