Saturday, February 15, 2014

Sochi Olympic artwork

You've probably all noticed the artwork around the Olympics right now. I've been so drawn to it I keep pausing my TV so I can get a better look at it. A friend pointed out a website that tells all about it so I wanted to share it with you! It's;

On this site they talk about how the design elements were drawn from different traditions of Russian life. This is so similar to how tangle patterns are frequently found and developed. If you look back in the history of my blog you will see that I was inspired to draw out tangle patterns by elements I saw in Zhostova painting. The Zhostova border, La Bel, Vigne, and Kyiv, all began from Zhostova influences. No one 'owns' a tangle pattern. It's simply that one person has noticed it and drawn it out in a way that we can all learn how to do it. And a name for a pattern is just a way for us to have the same vocabulary when we talk about it.

I hope you are all enjoying the Olympics and staying warm!


  1. Hi Sue, I also love the quilt patterns of Sochi and mentioned it on my blog,
    But I did not find the graphicard-news page yet.
    Thanks for sharing it, Iove it :)

  2. I keep pauzing my tv too! And I took a lot of photos from the tv-screen, before I saw the site. I love the sport, but my love for colors, paterns and quilts are being served too.

  3. I've been looking at these too Sue. Good to know the inspiration behind them. They are inspiring me too. Love the colors.


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