Monday, February 24, 2014

string 14

String 14 from is used in this tile. It uses tangles that start with the letter J - Jeewels,  Jelly Roll, Jemz, Jessicup and Jetties.The stepouts for these tangles can all be found through the website too. It was done in response to a challenge from Adele Bruno CZT on her blog  - Head on over to this site later on when she posts the other tiles that people have done using this string.

It was fun finding some tangles I hadn't used before. I also had some fun with the Jems pattern. I started it but soon I realized my squares where the lines crossed wasn't big enough. So I went back and made those shapes bigger. As I was doing it I noticed that I seemed to be creating more gems within the Jems. So I left it and didn't fill it in as it shows in the step out.

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  1. This is cosmic, Sue! I did one for the String Thing that also looked a bit cosmic but not quite right, so I did another one. Yours has worked beautifully. Axxx


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