Monday, February 10, 2014

String 39

String 39 over at is very much a Valentine's Day pattern. When Adele from suggested we use it she also asked us to use some of  our favorite tangles. Those are the tangles we like to call our comfort tangles - or our 'mac and cheese' tangles.

One of the first tangles I learned was 'Bales'. It's so simple since it's based on a grid but the addition of the curved lines make it my go to tangle. Of course I love to embellish things so when I saw how Carole Ohl CZT had adapted 'Bales' into 'Puf', I knew it was for me! I use this version of Bales in almost every piece I do it seems. 

And the latest tangle of mine 'Ditto' has been showing up in my work a lot too. The comma/fishie strokes that make up Ditto are comforting to me too. Maybe it's because they are just like the comma strokes that I first learned to do in decorative painting many years ago.

While I was looking through my computer files I came across this picture that was the initial inspiration for the tangle pattern 'Ditto' - I thought you might like to see it here.


  1. Beautiful tile, Sue - love how the string takes the lead. And of course, that lovely Ditto pattern. I love how perfect you do it - still got to learn how to keep the fanning out of the commas more regular! Axxx

  2. This is totally beautiful. The pink just pops on the blk/wh! Awesome!!!


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