Wednesday, March 2, 2011

CZT classroom

The classroom facility at the CZT training worked very well. Even though there were almost 60 students, we all could see exactly what was happening as Rick and Maria used a camcorder and digital projection system. You can see the screen near the ceiling. It was even better than looking over their shoulder as they demonstrated the tangles and techniques. We were lucky to have nice sunny days. There are lots of windows along the wall (not pictured) so there was plenty of light to work in. There is woodwork to admire all around. After looking at the woodwork and other features we were inspired to create new tangles which we then shared with the class.


  1. Great of you to share pics, Sue! I don't know why I didn't think to take any during classes... my excuse is sheer, darn joy! *G*

  2. Seeing these pictures makes me want to go to Whitinsville again. CZT class is such a wonderful experience. Congratulations on becoming a CZT-YEA!!!


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