Thursday, March 10, 2011

when life gives you lemons ..... tangle!

My basement had a water problem over the weekend. We walked downstairs and the carpet went "squish, squish, squish." And the boxes in the storage room had water lines creeping up the sides. (Luckily most of the storage is in plastic tubs.) Thankfully it's just rainwater so the smell isn't too bad, but we want to clean it up before it starts to get moldy. My husband got to work pulling up the wet carpet. YUCK!

Yesterday I got to work on the wet boxes. I had to unload everything and throw away the boxes and paper that wrapped things up. It was sort of fun discovering things in the boxes that I had forgotten about. It's all stacked on the pool table until I reload them into new plastic tubs.

Pictured here are depression glass snack plates I acquired a few years ago when I did more entertaining. These plates all have indentations in them so that a glass tea cup can sit securely on the plate along with your dessert. I found them in various antique stores at reasonable costs. (I have no idea what they might cost today.)

When I picked one up to rewrap it I started to look carefully at it. And I looked through it at the pattern I could see through it. I became more and more fascinated as I walked around the house with it and my camera. I saw the pile of my son's laundry and his unmade bed, in new light! A bookshelf and the oriental rug looked pretty good too!

I'm not sure what will actually come out of this into my zentangles, but I wanted to share this with you to see if you get  any ideas. Feel free to use any of these images for inspiration.


  1. I love depression glass and these tea plates are beautiful. What interesting images from looking through.... I hope the clean up is easy!

  2. Wow, beautiful glassware and terrific photos! It's like looking through a kaleidoscope, no, one of those kid'a things with the sectioned lens.
    I've been working a bit on doing a tangle 'writ large' and filling it somehow with small tangles. This makes me think about that a bit more. Thanks!
    Hope the clean-up goes smoothly. Best wishes.

  3. Oh dear good luck with the clean up! Great find!

  4. In addition to the lovely designs, your colloection of depression glass is beautiful. So sorry to learn about the water problem in the basement, but happy to see you found the 'silver lining' in the dark cloud. Good luck with the clean-up.



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