Friday, March 18, 2011

Zentangle with 'the shakes'

The latest tile I've attempted is Challenge #13: Non-Dominatrix. This is the challenge posted by I am the diva.

In this challenge we were asked to use our non-dominant hand. For me this would be my left. It felt very awkward and took much longer than I thought it would. However, I'm surprised by how much I ended up liking this one.

My mom had Parkinson's before she passed. She had the hand tremors and always was unhappy with her handwriting. I know she would have been fascinated by my zentangles and I know I would have loved to teach her. So I doing this tile I tried to pick patterns that would work well even with the shakes! As I worked I realized that some of the patterns even worked BETTER if my strokes were shaky.

A good challenge! One that I'll keep in my portfolio for future reference.


  1. Very good! I like the tangles you chose, they do look better with "the shakes".

  2. Your wiggles and shakes adds character, I like the barbed wire effect!

  3. Yepp, I like the wobbly lines too. They look so vivid and full of energy! They add further interest to a drawing…


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