Thursday, April 7, 2011

Brandywine tangle pattern

Brandywine is my newest tangle pattern. It is based on an architectural element. (Something you might see carved in wood someplace fancy.) Like several of my other patterns, it looks very complicated. That's probably why I love it so much. Broken down however, it's pretty simple to do.

Click the picture to enlarge it and see the details.

When I'm studying a new pattern I start with pencil lines and a ruler. Once I have a feel for a pattern I can wing it, but it helps the first few times.
- Draw two parallel lines with your pencil -divide into even sections using ruler
- Draw circles and dashes, alternating them. On the second line do the same dashes and circles - start with the opposite of the first line.
- Next come lazy S shapes (by lazy S I mean that the curve is barely there)
- Start the S just a little below the dash on the top line. Bring it down to connect with the bottom dash. Turn your paper if that's more comfortable. Continue across the line.
- Flip your paper and continue these lazy S shapes.
- Go to the ends of the dashes that are still there and bring a line down to meet your previous lazy s. Round the corner as you go down and stay parallel to the line already there.
- Flip your paper and repeat.
- Add petal shapes to the three side of the circles.

- Add line work and shading to complete.

Let me know if these directions are confusing. When I get a chance I may do a video for Brandywine.


  1. Fantastic pattern! The written instructions are very helpful.

  2. Very pretty new tangle! Thanks for sharing the written instructions too.

  3. Love this pattern! Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Sue, I JUST discovered this tangle and am DELIGHTED to know it's yours! I saw it on Mosaic posted by "Keetara". Beautiful. I can't wait to try it. :)


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