Monday, April 4, 2011

Displaying your Zentangles - Part two

A while back I talked a little about display ideas - I want to update you here.

I like to carry basic supplies with me all the time but I like to keep my purse as light as possible. I discovered an inexpensive photo album/brag book works well for me. I found mine at Joann's Fabrics and Crafts for 99 cents. I keep finished tiles in the front of the book and blank ones in the back. My pen clips right to it. This means I also have finished pieces ready to show to people when they ask what a zentangle is.

Sometimes I am so pleased with a piece that I want to frame it. When I was at Michaels Crafts this morning I found a four pack of frames for $9.99. They included the glass and mats too. (Not the highest of quality - but I can always upgrade later.) Square frames can be hard to find, so I'm always looking.

Finally I found Michaels also carried the display cubes. Another tangler found them and posted the info so off I went. I searched the store over and over. Finally I asked for help. When she found them for me, they were on the very top shelf and we needed to find a ladder! But they are only $2.99. Just examine them carefully when you buy them. If they were ever dropped they may have cracks.


  1. Thanks for sharing these ideas. I too picked up some of those square frames for my mandalas. Like you said, it's not always easy to find square frames. The cubes look like they fit the tiles perfectly, how cool!

  2. Fabulous tips, kiddo - keep 'em coming! *G*


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