Sunday, August 14, 2011

Back to real life and its challenges.


First thing to do when I got back was to complete the weekly challenge from the Diva (aka Christina Vandervlist) 'Opposites Attract'. In this challenge we were asked to draw a straight lined string and fill it with curvy tangles, or do a string that has curvy lines and fill it with straight lined tangles. I enjoyed this!

I had a fun time at my painting convention. I was at HOOT, a convention sponsored by the Ohio chapter of the Society of Decorative Painters. I came home with three completed projects (well, almost), I met new friends and had a lot of fun with old friends. I'll be showing ideas and pictures from the convention later this week. I got all sorts of new ideas for tangles as I walked around.


  1. Really nice work! So many straight lines, yet still such a flowing feel. Especially like the woven string connecting everything. Love it!

  2. Love how this turned out! Very cool!

  3. I love the string through the string. I think is so much fun! A great tangle!

  4. Looks like a the ribbon too.


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