Monday, August 15, 2011

Sandy B's Minion contest


Sandy Bartholomew has a contest going on her website for her 'Zentangle for Kids!' book. We were invited to send in our own interpretation of a Lilah Bean. She wants an army of minions.

My entry was done on a basic piece of white cardboard that I had laying around. I did it fairly big. Sandy said we only had to be less that 6" tall. The pen is an 08 Sakura Micron Pigment. The blush in her cheeks is really makeup blush. My Happy Bean stands up with two cardboard half circles - just like a paper doll!

The voting  is going on right now at . I hope everyone will go to her site and vote. (just click on the word  contest ). You can vote for more that one so I'd be thrilled if you would add a vote for me.

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