Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Happy! Zendala

Erin, at The Bright Owl, is back with her zendala dare templates. WELCOME back Erin!!! We missed you. For her first dare back she has challenged us to be inspired by the word 'Happy'. 

When I think about going to my 'happy place' I think about the ocean. I grew up on the East Coast and have many happy memories of days spent on the beach and playing in the waves. When I learned to snorkel I was in love with the new world that was unlocked for me.

When I looked at the template Erin created I saw jellyfish shapes and fish shapes. The fish shapes were not actually there but we can always adapt the lines of a template to whatever suits our ideas - so I did!

Octonet, one of my tangle patterns, was the jump off point for the center. I used the technique of 'drawing behind' that is seen in the Hollibaugh tangle for my jellyfish. 

It is done on one of my hand colored tiles using a blue Micron and two shades of blue and bluegren colored pencils.

ALSO! - I've added pricing and information about how to order my hand- colored tiles under the tab marked STORE above.


  1. That's so neat, Sue! I love the colors and your seemingly boundless zendala! Gorgeous!

  2. ooh! i love the underwater happiness! and the colors are perfect with your fishies :)

  3. What a fun interpretation! I love those jellyfish!

  4. I love what you've done with this Zendala, Sue - great take on the template and beautiful colours and tangles. Axxx

  5. Really pretty and I love your colors!

  6. Great jelly fish. I love the color combo.

  7. oh look! Jellyfish haha - I just saw them - and cute little fish - great choice of colour too.


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