Monday, June 2, 2014

Knightsbridge with Dewdrops

This tile is a monotangle of the tangle Knightsbridge. It started off using string #38. However, I really just used the string as a jumping off point this week. As I drew my Knightsbridge in I used the flow of the string to suggest where I wanted the lines of the tangle to go. But what struck me most about the string was the perfect shapes for dewdrops. So I knew that's exactly what I wanted to focus on this week. 

Dewdrops are one of the tangleations I teach in classes. I love how they take a basic tangle and add a whole new dimension to it. 


  1. Oh I wish I could take your class on this! What an amazing effect!
    ~ joey ~

  2. This is tremendous! The little white highlight adds a lot, and the pale gray inside the dewdrops. Did you use a zenstone to lighten the drops?

  3. This is fabulous, Sue! What a brilliant idea to take a simple monotangle and enhance it in this way. I love the way you've achieved the magnifying effect of the dewdrops. It's gorgeous.



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